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The sequence of removing or doffing PPE starts with the gloves, as they are the most contaminated. Next is removal of the face shield or goggles, as they would interfere with removing other PPE. Then remove the gown, followed by the mask or respirator. Perform hand hygiene between steps if hands become contaminated and immediately after removing all PPE. Generally, the outside front and sleeves of the isolation gown, the goggles or the mask, the respirator, and the face shield are contaminated. Also, the outside of the gloves is contaminated.

Use the surgical mask for a single session and change the gloves and aprons between patient or care activities. While removing gloves, grasp the outside of the glove's cuff and peel off; hold the glove in the gloved hand, insert the finger underneath, and peel off the second glove. Then perform hand hygiene. For goggles or face shields, grasp the earpieces side of the head or at the back and lift them forward, away from the face.

Avoid touching the goggles or face shields on the front. Unfasten gown ties and peel them away from the neck and shoulder. Then turn the contaminated outside toward the inside, roll over, and discard it.

Avoid touching the outer side of the mask, as it is considered contaminated. Instead, touch the ties or elastic bands, starting with the bottom, then the top tie or band for removal. Finally, lift the mask or respirator away from the face and discard it into the designated waste receptacle.

Wash hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer immediately after removing all PPE.

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