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SBAR is an effective communication tool used by healthcare professionals to communicate patient information accurately. SBAR stands for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation. For a better understanding, an example is given below.

SBAR Report from a Nurse to a Health Care Provider

S: "Hello, Dr. Smith. This is Jane, RN, from the Med Surg unit. I am calling to tell you about Ms. White in Room 210, who is experiencing increased pain and redness at her incision site. Her recent vital signs were BP 160/95, heart rate 90, respiratory rate 22, O2, saturation 96%, and oral temperature of 100.4 °F. She is stable, but her pain is worsening."

B: "Ms. White is a 65-year-old female, admitted yesterday for post-hip surgical replacement. She has been rating her pain at 3 or 4 out of 10 since surgery with her scheduled medication, but now she is rating the pain as 7, with no relief from her scheduled medication of Vicodin 5/325 mg administered an hour ago. She is scheduled for physical therapy later this morning and is stating she won’t be able to participate because of the pain this morning."

A: "I just assessed the surgical site, and her dressing was clean, dry, and intact, but there is 4 cm redness surrounding the incision, and it is warm and tender to the touch. There is moderate serosanguinous drainage. Upon further assessment, her lungs are clear, and her heart rate is regular."

R: "I am calling to request an order for a CBC and an increased dose of pain medication. I am repeating the order to confirm that you are ordering a STAT CBC and an increase of her Vicodin to 10/325 mg."

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