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International Nursing Organization (ICN) is a global union of national nurses' organizations. Individual nurses can be a part of ICN through member organizations. Each member organization strives to ensure quality nursing care, sound health policies, the advancement of nursing knowledge, respect for the profession, and a satisfied and competent nursing workforce.

ICN member organizations work to advance the field of nursing and healthcare via policies, partnerships, lobbying, professional networks, special projects, a code of ethics, and leadership development. ICN collaborates with several other organizations to obtain financial and technical assistance to implement projects, namely the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA). The WCEA is an online platform offering financial assistance in the training of healthcare professionals through the use of technology. To address critical issues relevant to nurses, the ICN partners with organizations to collaborate on campaign and humanitarian efforts.

The ICN Code of Ethics has four core elements that regulate nurses' roles, responsibilities, professional judgment, and relationships with patients, co-workers, and associated professions. A nurse can use them in conjunction with current national laws, regulations, and professional standards.

The four elements are:

  • Nurses and Patients: Nurses provide people-focused, culturally appropriate care that respects human rights and is sensitive to the values, customs and beliefs of people without unjust discrimination. Care also focuses on exhibiting professional values such as ensuring privacy and confidentiality.
  • Nurses and Practice: Nurses practice within their scope of competence or authorized scope of practice while maintaining standards of personal conduct at all times. Nurses are responsible and accountable for ethical nursing practice, act as patient advocates, and maintain fitness to practice.
  • Nurses and the Profession: The nurse implements an evidence-informed standard of practice. The nurse engages in evidence-based research and contributes to a positive and ethical working environment by challenging unethical practices.
  • Nurses and Global Health: Nurses value healthcare as a human right, recognize the impact of social determinants of health on care, and collaborate with other providers to develop sound health policies to promote public health.

The work of the ICN revolves around developing strategies to implement health policies and ensure that nurses have a voice to fulfill the genuine needs of patients, families, and communities worldwide. The strategic priorities empower the membership to strengthen the National Nurses Association and encourage innovative growth policies to secure revenue-generating opportunities.

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