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Current trends in nursing include:

  • The changes that have shaped the profession.
  • Guided legislation.
  • The functioning of the present healthcare system.

With an increase in the aging population worldwide, it is crucial to train nurses from all healthcare settings to identify approaches that enable older adults to live independently. Nurses also provide essential care and education to manage multiple chronic conditions and ensure the elderly in long-term care receive optimal care and support. In addition, nurses support caregivers of aged patients with dementia and disability.

Next, the transition to informatics in nursing is increasingly becoming essential for decision-making and delivering the best outcomes for the patient. Informatics helps audit health records regularly and provides feedback to nurses on their documentation. Nurses must be familiar with informatics knowledge and skills, computer skills, and information technology. For example, nurses must be able to navigate electronic health record systems (EHR). Further, the global nursing shortage has been associated with heavy workloads and inadequate resourcing, burnout, and post-pandemic stress. Training, recruitment, and retention of nurses are essential, as are fair pay, decent work, and attractive career growth.

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