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Trends in nursing are multifactorial and associated with changes in society, within the nursing profession, and in other professions. Notably, telehealth and remote nursing contribute to successful healthcare delivery for numerous patients and help reduce stress for nurses due to nursing shortages. Nurses can reach patients, monitor their conditions, and interact with them using computers, audio, visual accessories, and telephones—for example, remote patient monitoring systems. Likewise, integrating evidence-based practice has evolved and increased positive clinical outcomes.

Moreover, with the rise of social media, people are more aware of their healthcare needs, health care costs, best practices, and the incidence of medical errors.

Imperatively, present and future nursing practices must use current evidence for safe, quality patient care and to reduce healthcare errors. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and automated tasks in nursing, nurses in all healthcare settings must understand how they assist in clinical decision-making, disease management, patient engagement, and operational improvements. However, artificial intelligence technologies such as robots cannot wholly replace the nurses' role in patient care, such as therapeutic touch.

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