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The healthcare system is constantly changing and complex. Various services are available from different healthcare providers, but gaining access to these services has become challenging for people with limited healthcare insurance. Uninsured people present a challenge to healthcare because they frequently postpone or forego treatment.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) advocates for a patient-centered, effective, safe, timely, equitable, and effective healthcare system. The National Priorities Partnership is a coalition of twenty-eight healthcare groups. It includes the following national priorities:

  • Deliver patient-centered effective care
  • Concentrate on wellness and population health prevention
  • Ensure safety by avoiding potential errors
  • Care coordination
  • Provide palliative care
  • Reduce waste
  • Enhance affordability

The nurse plays a vital role in reaching out to people and bridging the gap between the healthcare system and patients or their families. The future healthcare system will strive to deliver high-quality treatment at a reasonable cost, prevent disease, enhance health outcomes, and give compassionate care. Nurses must be prepared to meet the challenges of today's healthcare system while working to reduce healthcare expenses that act as an obstacle to optimum well-being.

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