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Specialized care settings or centers are situated in convenient locations within the community and offer care to a specific group or population. They consist of daycare facilities, mental health facilities, rural health facilities, educational institutions, industries, shelters for the homeless, and rehabilitation facilities.

Daycare centers

They provide several functions. Some facilities care for healthy newborns and children whose parents work, while others are medically focused and care for children with mild illnesses. While family members are at work, eldercare facilities and senior citizen centers provide an environment for elderly persons to interact and receive care. Some daycare facilities offer health-related services and care to individuals who do not require hospitalization but cannot be left at home alone. Such facilities provide physical rehabilitation treatments to the elderly, or assistance to those with special needs such as cerebral palsy, chemical dependency, or mental health conditions. Nurses who work in daycares provide medications and treatments, conduct health screenings, and provide patient education.

Mental health facilities

These centers may be affiliated with a hospital or operate independently. The services offered may be crisis-focused or long-term in nature. Outpatient mental health centers provide patient care through interventions such as individual and group therapy, medication administrations, and aid with independent living. Crisis intervention centers also fall under the mental health treatment facility bucket. The crisis intervention center typically offers 24-hour services, including a hotline, to persons who are suicidal, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or living in abusive conditions. These facilities also provide information and resources to rape and abuse victims. Nurses working in mental health centers must have good communication and counseling skills and be well-versed in community resources relevant to the patient's needs to make appropriate referrals.

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