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Donning PPE must be completed before contact with the patient. This process protects from infectious agents. The sequence and action included in each donning are critical, and the steps must be systematic to avoid exposure to pathogens. The institutional policy also needs to be followed while donning PPE. The pre-donning preparations are gathering equipment, inspecting the PPE equipment for tears, holes, or damage, removing jewelry, removing any garments below the elbows, and tying the hair back off the face. Ensure adequate hydration and use the restroom prior to donning. Finally, perform hand hygiene. The sequence of putting on PPE starts with the shoe covers, gown, mask, or respirator. Next, don goggles or face shields, and finally, gloves.

To don a gown, select the appropriate size and type. Using the gown, first cover the body's trunk, starting from the neck to below the knees, then cover the arms to the wrists, and finally, cover the back. Securely tie the gown at the neck and the waist. Place the mask or respirator over the nose, mouth, and chin. Fit the flexible nose piece over the nose bridge and secure the mask on the head with ties or elastic. Fit-check the respirator by inhaling—the respirator should collapse—and by exhaling—check for leakage around the face.

Don the eye protection by holding the earpieces; do not touch the front. Secure the face shield on the brow with the headband. Finally, select the right type and size of gloves. Insert hands into gloves and extend gloves over isolation gown cuffs. It is essential to keep hands away from the face. Limit the surfaces touched, change gloves when torn or heavily contaminated, and, if so, repeat hand hygiene.

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