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Oral Intubation of Adult Zebrafish to Administer Experimental Compounds

This video demonstrates a technique for orally intubating adult zebrafish to administer experimental compounds into the esophagus and monitor their intestinal uptake. This method offers a valuable model for studying the dynamics of oral prophylactics or other compounds within the intestine.

All procedures involving animal models have been reviewed by the local institutional animal care committee and the JoVE veterinary review board

1. Solutions Required

  1. Prepare 150 mg/L (for anesthesia) or 300 mg/L (for euthanasia) of ethyl 3-aminobenzoate methanesulfonate (MS-222) solution with water from the aquarium where the zebrafish are maintained. Fill a small tank with 1 L of anesthetic solution and keep it aerated.
  2. Fill another small tank with 1 L o.......

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