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Fluorescein Staining in an Autoimmune Dry Eye Rat Model to Examine Corneal Damage

This video demonstrates the staining of the damaged cornea using fluorescein dye to evaluate the extent of autoimmune dry eye disease in a rat model. The green fluorescence spots of the stained collagen fibers indicate corneal epithelial damaged cells.

All procedures involving animal models have been reviewed by the local institutional animal care committee and the JoVE veterinary review board.

1. Assessment of Dry Eye Features

Measure corneal damage with fluorescein staining.

  1. Add 2 µL of 0.2% fluorescein to the rat cornea. Passively open and close the rat eyelids 3 times with a gloved finger to spread the fluorescein dye on the surface of the eye.
  2. After.......

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