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Evaluation of Stromal Cytokine-Induced Intracellular Protein Phosphorylation Using Phospho-Flow Cytometry

This video demonstrates the evaluation of stromal cytokine-induced intracellular phosphorylation of proteins in leukemia cells. These intracellular phosphorylated proteins are quantified using the phospho-flow cytometry technique.

1. Phospho-flow Cytometry Assays to Evaluate the Activity of Cytokine Produced by Stroma

NOTE: Assess the supernatant from the engineered stroma before the first experiment to verify the relevant bio-activity of the stroma-generated cytokine for the individual experiment. Once the engineered stroma is validated, further testing is not necessary unless stroma are introduced that were produced with a new vector.

  1. Purchase MUTZ5 and/or MHH-CALL4 leukem.......

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