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Indwelling Needle Puncture and Irrigation in the Conservative Treatment of Breast Abscess During Non-Lactation Period

Published: September 22nd, 2023



1Chongqing Wuyi Polytechnic, 2Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College, 3Department of Breast and Thyroid surgery, Daping Hospital, Army Medical University
* These authors contributed equally

Here, we present a protocol detailing a minimally invasive treatment for breast abscesses during the non-lactation period. This method effectively treats single breast abscesses, and the indwelling needle can be used as an effective tool for the puncture and irrigation of single breast abscesses in a non-lactation period.

The objective of this study is to observe the effect of indwelling needle puncture and irrigation in the conservative treatment of breast abscesses in the non-lactation period. Non-lactating breast abscess patients were treated at the Daping Medical Breast Surgery Clinic, Chongqing. In the Incisive drainage group, 21 patients were treated with conventional incision and drainage. In the Indwelling needle group, 20 patients were treated by puncture and irrigation with a 20 G indwelling needle. The pain VAS scores and wound satisfaction in the Indwelling needle group were significantly lower than those in the Incisive drainage group (P < 0.001), and the cure time and complications were also significantly lower in the Indwelling needle group (P < 0.05). The cure rates of the two groups were similar (P > 0.05). There was a difference in the duration of illness, location, and number of pus cavities between the treatment failure and the treatment recovery (P < 0.05). However, there was no difference in the size of the pus cavity and the maximum amount of pus aspiration (P > 0.05). The indwelling needle can be used as an effective tool for puncture and irrigation of single breast abscess in a non-lactation period, potentially for non-invasive treatment of breast abscesses.

Non-puerperal mastitis (NPM) is a kind of chronic breast inflammation involving breast ducts and glands. NPM is a group of diseases, including mammary duct ectasia, periductal mastitis, plasma cell mastitis, and granulomatous lobular mastitis, and abscess is a marker that indicates that the disease has become severe1. The incidence of NPM has been increasing year by year recently, and the onset age of NPM tends to be younger2. However, in clinical practice, the management of the disease has met with problems including unknown etiology, easily missed diagnosis, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, unclear treatment plan, cu....

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The study was approved by the Ethical Committee of Army Medical University (reference number: 2018-106). The patients included were fully informed and joined the study voluntarily and willingly.

1. Patients

NOTE: Non-lactating patients with breast abscesses were from the breast surgery clinic of Daping Hospital, and all patients had detailed medical histories before the surgical intervention.

  1. Inclusion criteria and exclusion criteria: <.......

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Comparison of patients' treatment between the two groups
The wound satisfaction score, VAS pain score of surgery, and dressing change of the two groups were compared. The VAS pain score and the wound satisfaction score of the Indwelling needle group were both significantly lower than that of the Incisive drainage group (P < 0.001). The cure time and complications were superior in the Indwelling needle group with statistical significance (P < 0.05). There was no difference in the cure ra.......

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The first report of the pus in the breast abscess drained and irrigated using a syringe with or without the guidance of a B-mode ultrasound scan was in the 1990s4. Karstrup et al.11 used a pigtail catheter to manage acute puerperal breast abscess. Patients (n = 19) were punctured and irrigated using the pigtail catheter after local anesthesia under the guidance of a B-mode ultrasound scan, among which 18 cases (95%) were successfully treated and 8 cases (42%) continued brea.......

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We thank the patients for joining in this research.


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NameCompanyCatalog NumberComments
20 G indwelling needleBecton Dickinson Infusion Therapy Systems Inc20153143645Disposable intravenous indwelling needle
10 mL/20 mL syringeShandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Products Co., Ltd20142140076Disposable injection needles are used for subcutaneous, intramuscular and intravenous injection, blood drawing or drug dissolution.
Bacterial culture bottleNingbo Haishu Medical Products Factory No. 1660109It is mainly used for medical units to collect secretion samples for clinical diagnosis and testing.
Curved plateXinmei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd 1120042For putting used cotton swabs, yarn blocks and various discarded needles.
GauzeKangmin Sanitary Materials Development Co., Ltd 20172640670For clinical wound protection and moisture absorption.
Hydrogen peroxideShandong Lierkang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  No. 0059It is suitable for disinfection of surface and skin wounds, and can kill intestinal pathogenic bacteria, purulent cocci and pathogenic bacteria.
Iodophor solutionShandong Lierkang Medical Technology Co., Ltd  No. 0059Used for disinfection of skin, hands, mucous membranes, wounds and wounds.
Lidocaine (5%) Hefeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd  H20023777Lidocaine hydrochloride injection
Medical adhesive tapeMinnesota Mining and ManufacturingNo. 1641433Medical adhesive tape  used to fix the dressing on the wound, and it can also fix medical instruments such as infusion tubes on the surface of human body.
Normal salineKelun Pharmaceutical Co., LtdH20023817Used for washing operations, wounds, eyes, mucous membranes, etc.
Sterile cotton swabs Kangmin Sanitary Materials Development Co., Ltd 20192140583For skin disinfection
Sterile scissorsXinmei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd 1120042Used to cut off pterygium, blood tendons, skin, membrane, etc., mostly made of steel.
Therapeutic bowlXinmei Medical Equipment Co., Ltd 1120042To contain sterile articles and keep them sterile.
Transparent adhesive filmMinnesota Mining and Manufacturing20182642128Used to cover and protect the catheter site and wound, maintain a moist environment for wound healing, and facilitate autolysis and debridement. It can also be used as a secondary dressing to protect the skin from damage and fix the instrument on the skin, and can also be used as an eye mask.
UltrasoundPHILIPSEPIQ 5The color ultrasonic diagnosis system

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