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A Spray Inoculation Technique to Establish Fungal Infection in Rice Plant Leaves

This video demonstrates a technique to establish the pathogenic fungus Magnaporthe grisea infection in rice plant leaves. The fungal conidia suspension is sprayed on sections of rice leaf, and the disease progression is assessed by scoring the formation of necrotic lesions.

1. Spray Inoculation with a Suspension of M. grisea Conidia

  1. Fungal culture for M.grisea
    1. Prepare the oatmeal tomato agar (OTA) culture medium for fungal strains.
    2. Weigh 30 - 50 g of oatmeal, add this to 800 mL of distilled/deionized water (ddH2O), and boil the mixture for 30 min in the electric pot.
    3. Filter the boiled oatmeal juice into the beaker through a piece of gauze.
    4. Add 150 mL of tomato juice and 20.......

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