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In Vitro Stimulation and Visualization of Macrophage Extracellular Traps

This video demonstrates in vitro stimulation of macrophage extracellular traps (METs) in human monocyte-derive macrophages using different inflammatory stimuli such as TNF-alpha, PMA, and HOCL. The video also demonstrates the method of SYTOX dye staining of METs for visualization.

1. Polarization of HMDM

  1. Under sterile conditions, prepare the M1 priming media by adding interferon γ (IFNγ; 20 ng/mL) and lipopolysaccharide (LPS; 1 μg/mL) to the complete RPMI-1640 culture media. Prepare the M2 priming media by adding interleukin 4 (IL-4; 20 ng/mL) to the complete RPMI-1640 culture media.
  2. Under sterile conditions, aspirate media from the tissue culture plate wells that contain the Human monocyte-derived macrophages, HMDM, which have been seeded and .......

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