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Establishing an Infection Model Through Microinjection of Gastric Organoids with Pathogenic Bacteria

This video demonstrates a method to establish a gastric organoid infection model by microinjecting gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori into the lumen of the organoids. This model helps in studying infection-induced changes in gastric cells.

1. Passage of Organoid Cultures

  1. Add 1 ml of cold basal medium to the basement matrix in the well. Using a 1 ml micropipette, vigorously pipette up and down until the basement matrix is broken up. Transfer to a 15 ml tube. Place on ice.
  2. Take up organoids in the pipette and vigorously pipette 10x up and down. The breaking of the organoids can be observed by the eye.

2. Microinjection of Organoid Culture.

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