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An In Vitro Technique for UV Irradiation-Mediated Generation of Apoptotic T Cells

This video demonstrates a method to induce apoptosis in the Jurkat cells — a human T lymphocyte leukemia cell line. The cells are exposed to ultraviolet C (UVC) radiation, which causes extensive DNA damage and leads to apoptotic cell death.

1. Preparation of Jurkat T cell line (Day 2)

NOTE: All procedures should be conducted in a class II biological safety cabinet.

  1. Culture Jurkat T cells in 24 mL of basal cell culture medium + 10% FBS + 5% penicillin/streptomycin at 37 °C + 5% CO2 (Table of Material). Jurkat T cells are a suspension cell line that can be maintained through passaging 1:6-1:8 into pre-warmed culturing media every 3 days. Do not shake.

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