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A Mouse Tail Snip Procedure for Peripheral Blood Collection and Plasma Isolation


To collect a peripheral blood sample, first, gently position the mouse in a disinfected small animal restrainer, and secure the tube to minimize the animal's movements.

Next, scrub the tail with fresh isopropyl alcohol, followed by the application of topical anesthetic cream.

Using very sharp surgical scissors, snip about 0.5 to 1 millimeter from the tip of the tail, and collect approximately 80 microliters of peripheral blood into heparinized capillary tubes.

Use a bulb syringe to transfer the blood samples into labeled potassium-EDTA microtainer tube, and invert the tube 20 times to prevent coagulation.

After centrifuging blood collection tubes per manufacturer's instructions, carefully collect the plasma layer and store the aliquots at minus 20 degrees Celsius, and aliquot the plasma for minus 20 degrees Celsius storage.

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